Friday, February 19, 2021

Black Lives (obviously) Matter

A week of, action?

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Erratically Appearing Hallucinatory Guest Star: Dana — A Gentlerreader

"When school children start paying union dues, that's when I'll start representing the interests of school children." -Albert Shanker

Dear (eventual) Grandstickies and Great-Grandstickies (and Gentlereaders),

It's Black History Month and Black Lives Matter is back in the news, sort of. Although the first week of February was A WEEK OF ACTION neither the websites of MSNBC or CNN covered it as best I can tell.

There's even a website, Black Lives Matter At School, that called for, as mentioned above, a week of action (Feb 1 - 5, 2021) — as well as a year of purpose and a lifetime of practice. 

The reason that I'm aware that the week of action came and went with little fanfare is that I compare and contrast the websites of FOX News and CNN at least once a  day, every day, seven days a week so that you don't have to. 

FOX posted a few stories about an educational curriculum (CNN mentioned nothing) developed by Black Lives Matter or I would've been completely unaware that it was a week of action. I thought surely MSNBC would be all over it, a site I normally don't peruse being a neo-neoconservative, but nope.

They made me turn off my ad-blocker after a few viewings if I wanted to keep accessing the site. You'd think either Microsoft or NBC news (same policy) wouldn't be short of money but...

[Hold up there, Sparky. Comcast, the owner of both NBC and MSNBC, bought out Microsoft a while back and...]  

Comcast? Are you sure, Dana? Comcast, a ginormous, profit-hungry corporation owns MSNBC? MSNBC is to progressives as FOX is to conservatives...    

Did you know that one of the reasons TV news happened, even though daily newspapers (and radio) still supplied most people's news when TV first started, was because the FCC required that stations provide an element of "public service" programming along with entertainment for the masses, since the public, at least in theory, owns the airwaves?

When the sale of television sets took off NBC was the first to offer news broadcasts seven days a week — sponsored by R.J. Reynolds/Camel cigarettes. Did I ever tell you that my dad, who died from a heart attack at the age of 58 smoked Camels for decades, and died when he was nine years younger than I am now? 


[Man, you are old, aren't you? And this particular column has gone off the rails.]

Heavy sigh... When you're right, you're right, Dana. I wonder if Bill Gates... well, nevermind, where was I? Oh, yeah, BLM and the underreported week of action.

Okay, so FOX, as you might imagine, was less than impressed with the whole week of action thing, particularly the suggested school curriculum developed by BLM.  

My favorite story was a story about a FOX News (cable version) story featured on The Ingraham Angle.

[A story about a story?]

Yeah, CNN does it all the time as well. Anyway, it mentions the fact that at the bottom of the first page of the Black Lives Matter At School site, there's a quote from one Assata Shakur who currently is on the lam resides in Cuba. 

"It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love eachother and support eachother. We have nothing to lose but our chains." (Not my creative spelling by the way.)

Ms. Shakur, a convicted cop-killer (among other things) is the first woman to be placed on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist List and has a $2,000,000 bounty on her head if any of you Junior G-menpersons out there are looking for a potentially profitable adventure.

Now, while I was delighted to note that BLM is apparently spending some of its massive and still mostly unaccounted for donations on something more or less real, I wish to make a new suggestion and reiterate a suggestion I've made before.

The new suggestion is to consider hiring a public relations professional.

The old suggestion is to consider opening a charter school in the same neighborhood as one of the many failed and failing public schools in black neighborhoods all over America. 

Considering that teacher's unions are resisting going back into the classrooms in spite of the science, guidance from the CDC, Uncle Joe's request, and the fact many private and charter schools have done so safely, the unions would seem to be guilty of practicing systemic racism.     
Here's a chance to battle systemic racism, demonstrate the efficacy of BLMs curriculum, and change the world for a lot of African-American kids. 

Win/win and win. 

Apropos of nothing above...

But since I'm somewhat obsessed with the dismaying fact that Uncle Joe felt free to render 11,000 well paid (and many unionized) workers unemployed with the stroke of a pen and the tepid response from the press and organized labor — the teacher's unions for example — here's a quote from our new Climate Czar.

(The rich dude that flys around in a huge private jet saving us from ourselves.) 

"Paris alone is not enough. Not when almost 90% of all of the planet's emissions, global emissions, come from outside of U.S. borders. We could go to zero [carbon emissions] tomorrow and the problem isn't solved," -John Kerry-Heinz

Ruh-roh Raggy, who's next?

Poppa loves you,
Have an OK day

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