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"...the difference between a progressive and a liberal? A progressive has a “loathing for his country."

Apologetics: Apologetics is the religious discipline of defending religious doctrines through systematic argumentation and discourse. -Wikipedia

Why it is Sh!te

"...people with at least one postgraduate degree, earning more than $150,000, living in ZIP codes where the population density exceeds 10,000 per square mile... people who graduated from a few prestigious private universities, including members of the Ivy League, Duke, Stanford and Northwestern.")

Things aren’t normal. We don’t trust one another, and the country doesn’t quite recognize itself.

There's a documentary loose in the world that the neoestablishment is mostly not bothering to mention, much less bothering to debunk. 

If you go a-googlin' you will discover that while a tiny handful of people (Dr. Glenn Lowry and Megyn Kelly come to mind) have tried to call attention to it, it's slowly but steadily sinking in the Dizzinformation Ocean. 

There's no need for censorship when it's possible to make something disappear by ignoring it.