Interesting Things

- "...he was a beacon of reason in an age that is dominated by irrationality."
Remembering Roger Scruton, Defender of Reason in a World of Postmodern Jackals

- Another Vietnam and it's still going on 
Five Infuriating Takeaways From the ‘Afghanistan Papers’

- Capitalism, socialism, or transferism
Transferism, Not Socialism, Is the Drug Americans Are Hooked On

- The genius you probably never heard of 
Freeman Dyson: Heretical Thoughts About Science and Society

- The latest from the paradisiacal social democracies of Europe
The New White Man's Burden

- The doctor will see you know (for eight minutes)
Inside the Woke Actors Studio

- The wit and wisdom of Roger Scruton 
The Tyranny of Pop Music

For the foreseeable future, man will innovate, machine will toil, and The Terminator will remain science fiction.
The Human Skills AI Can’t Replace

- Does Britain have free speech?
My Book Defending Free Speech Has Been Banned

- Red Tribe vs. Blue Tribe
Are Political Disagreements Real Disagreements?

- The secret of life! (Well, one of 'em anyway)
The Most Important Skill Nobody Taught You

- Jill Bolte Taylor
My Stroke of Insight

- I'm baa-ack
How It Felt to Come Back to Life

- Guns ain't the problem
No-One's Life Matters. That's Why There Are Mass Shootings

- Wait, what?
Watch America's Middle-Class Disappear Over Decades—as the Rich Americans Get Richer

- Nine dead in O-hi-o
Mass Shootings: Fallout From a Culture Where Anything Goes and Nothing Matters

- Well, I'm not a socialist, I'm like, a democratic socialist and...
Why You Never Hear Anyone Say "That Wasn't Real Capitalism"

- Reality check: an environmentalist presents an interesting TED talk
Why renewables can't save the planet

Once, the big tech firms embodied American exceptionalism and aspiration. Today, they are strangling these ideals. Government: do something.
Tech Oligarchs Are Going to Destroy Democracy -- Unless We Stop Them

- George F. Will on
The Limits of Majority Rule

- Ever wonder if it's true that working for Amazon is the modern-day equivalent of being a slave on a cotton plantation in the deep South?
Tourist Journalism Versus the Working Class 

“Political language,” Orwell observed, “is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.” 
Neutralizing Ngo: The Apologetics of Antifascist Street Violence

 “...historical mistakes of the CCP [Chinese Communist Party]” should not be discussed.

The emperor tightens his grip

- I wish this old white dude would run for president

George Will wrangles with God, the conservative sensibility and the dangers of progressivism 

George Will: Where he stands

- "As the Old Faiths Collapse, the Greens, Social Justice Warriors, and Techno-Futurists Aim to Fill the Void"

Gimme that old time religion?

Natalie Trayling

Among the People

"The conceit that we can “define and express” our own identity is perhaps the cruellest hoax ever perpetrated on civilised peoples. We are neither clever enough nor strong enough to do so; to the extent that we succeed in such an endeavour, we make ourselves into monsters. There is a better word for postmodern identity, and that is anomie. Cut off from its past, the postmodern West has no vision of its future, and its most characteristic response is to fail to bring children into the world, thus ensuring that it will have no future of any kind."
Why the British Monarchy Still Matters

- "...youthocracy – a dictatorship of the inexperienced and immature that exerts an insidious influence over American culture."

The Dictatorship of the Young

- "The Apocalypse is imminent. There is a battle of good against evil. The outcome is one of an earthly paradise."

Straight to Hell: Millenarianism and the New Green Deal

"He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how." -Nietzsche

- "An empirical look at the evidence supporting anticipatory medicine is sobering."
A Contrarian View of Digital Health