Coffee Fresh?

I'm an independent columnist who dreams of a regular gig that doesn't involve delivering food or turning my car into a taxi cab. I publish a new column every Saturday.  

I've been writing weekly columns for better than four years now and in my semi-humble opinion, I've gotten good enough to ask for/accept a down payment on a can of coffee ($5) without feeling embarrassed.

If I were you and I stumbled on this weekly literary delight, I'd pledge five bucks a month to encourage this author of not the same old same old to keep writing and not give in to temptation. 

That is to say, to not become a gigolo, a politician, or some equally inappropriate behavior for a beloved father and grandfather. 

And yes, I said can. I live in the Heartland, buddy. 

Just $6.50 will buy ya a plastic can of 20.6 ounces of Folger's "Black Silk" with an aroma seal and a built-in handle at Dollar General (makes up to 180 6 FL OZ cups). Good, affordable coffee and you don't have to drive all the way to d'mall. 

Thanks if you do, thanks anyway if you don't. Regardless, if my work has pleased you please share it. For the record, your semi-humble correspondent (unfortunately) receives no remuneration from either Dollar General or Folgers.