Enjoy My Writing?

I'm an independent columnist who dreams of a regular gig that doesn't involve delivering food or turning my car into a taxi cab. I publish a new column every Saturday.

If you enjoy my work, and in the unlikely event that you wish to provide a bit of financial socour to comfort my fragile artistic ego, I would really appreciate it if you'd show some support to help me stay motivated. If you don't, I understand. Everyone/everything seems to want some of your hard-earned fiat money nowadays, yes?  

I've been writing weekly columns for better than eight years now and in my semi-humble opinion, I've gotten good enough to ask my readers to buy me a can of coffee without feeling embarrassed.

Yes, I said can. I live in the Heartland, buddy. Five bucks ($4 prior to transitory inflation) buys a 10oz. can of Cafe Bustelo Espresso Ground Coffee (ALWAYS PURE AND FLAVORFUL. LIKE NO OTHER.) at Dollar General. 
For four bucks a month, or forty bucks a year (77¢ a column) you can tell everyone you're a patron of the arts. If your cash flow is currently a trickle a one-time donation of five bucks will alleviate your guilty conscience.
You can help me to not submit to the temptation to start a cult, become a gigolo, a politician, or some other equally inappropriate behavior for a beloved father and grandfather. 

Thanks if you do, and thanks anyway if you don't. Regardless, if my work has pleased you please share it.