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E-mail is the official, cleverly worded (bizness) email address of the Flyoverland Crank. I can't promise to get back to you quickly; my personal assistant is currently enjoying an extended honeymoon in Elbonia and is thinking about a side trip to Pottsylvania to look up some long-lost relatives before returning home. Needless to say, I'm up to my, um, elbows.

If you would like to publish my shtuff or facilitate same in some form or fashion, or, in the event you need to contact me about something (at least technically legal) that might result in helping to feed my sickly, malnourished bank account, please copy and paste --


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While I love being shared or linked to, and fervently hope my gentlereaders will, Please don't publish my (copyrighted) shtuff without asking.

I'm a cheap and easy date. Normally all I require is minimal editing on your part and credit and linking where credit and linking are due. That is to say, my fragile ego seeks needs attribution and a clearly marked path back to this website.

As I state in Just Who Is This Guy Anyway my columns are my comments. Therefore, although I do accept comments, odds are I won't be responding to them.

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