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You can help the Save a Crank Foundation.

I don't run ads on this site anymore. Suffice it to say that if and/or until I have enough readers to strike a deal directly with someone that wants to advertise on this site, they won't be back.

Also, I haven't raised my prices. Everything on the site is still free and no charge.

Big But

Patreon, if you're unaware, is a company that makes it possible for musicians, writers, artists, YouTubers, etc. (and even people like me) -- "Creators" -- to try and make some dough for what they love to do by acting as middlepersons betwixt artists, artistes, etc. (and even people like me) and their would-be patrons.

For a (tiny) percentage of what they collect they handle all the technical issues so a given creator can concentrate on creating. For a technically challenged Crank like myself, this is a gift from above. I love to write, I hate the technical shtuff.

Now, the way this works, patrons commit to donating a set amount of money each month. However, if you just want to toss a few bucks at me just once (or yearly, my birthday is in August, just sayin'...) you can "pledge" and then cancel after a single payment because:


...or I wouldn't even consider using their service. And yes, they're legit. They're a real company that's been around for a while. Go a-googling and check 'em out. Did I mention you can cancel at any time?

One last thing, like a PBS begathon, they're big on the creators giving out rewards for various levels of donations. Think signed book, a poster, newsletter, etc.

The bad news is you're looking at the only thing I have to offer, a weekly column, and an archive of over 150 columns. By the way, I've been reliably cranking one out every weekend for better than three years now.

The good news is you can pledge as little as a buck a month. Did I mention you can cancel at any time? And, I have no coffee cups for sale, tweets to follow, a YouTube presence, or a "community" I want you to join. Just a weekly column that will hopefully make you smile.

In spite of endless setbacks, I'm ever so slowly trying to write a novel. Once it's done (it may be a minute...) all my patrons will get a free copy. Getting a novel published is an unlikely goal, but I know how to generate PDF files.

Thanks for the dough if you do, thanks for being a reader if you don't. Please pass the word if my words have pleased you.

Take Care,
Mark Mehlmauer

P.S. You may find this interesting.

[For the record, the link in the sentence above will take you to an article from something called The Book of Life. While I find The Book of Life to be quite interesting, I also find that it contains no shortage of complete bonkercockie.]