Social Media

I'm not a scruffy hermit living in the mountains of Ohio and seeking enlightenment and/or prepping for a secular or spiritual Armageddon of one sort or another.

I am a member of a freakishly large household (Casa de Chaos) and a member in good standing (more or less) of three large extended families (mine, my late wife's, and my stepdaughter's father's family).

I'm not afraid to talk to people and I'm reasonably sociable and articulate when I do so.


I'm no social media maven, nor am I am ever likely to be. 

I strive not to be judgy but I believe smartphone addiction is a real thing, and not a good thing. But I'm also a firm believer in the philosophy implied by the phrase live and let live.   

Notable exception: individuals who insist on speaking on cell phones, loudly and clearly, whenever and wherever they happen to be, and completely oblivious to the fact they have to share the playground with the other H. sapiens.

But we shouldn't judge them, we should tase them.

If you would like to like or follow me, far be it from me to stand in your way.

There is a Flyoverland Crank Facebook page that I post to every Saturday to announce that I have a new column available. I encourage my fellow H. sapiens to praise/bury/comment/like/follow or troll me there.

You'll find music there every Sunday, something funny every Monday. 

I also like to post things throughout the week that I find interesting. Facebook is particularly handy for sharing stuff from the Wall Street Journal, my personal paper of record. It lives behind a highly fortified paywall but allows the posting of individual articles, and more importantly, opinion pieces written for smart people like you, on social media.

There are no newsletters, classes to sign up for, coffee cups or t-shirts for sale, notifications, or etceterations there, here, or even way over there. 

"Pretending a corporation with the reach to influence elections is just another place that sells stuff is to pretend the role of debate in a free society is outdated."