If you have comments, perchance, pertaining to the pontifications presented in a particular post, I would much prefer that you present your penetrating and perspicacious perceptions via the comment options available by scrolling down once you reach the end of a particular column.

If you would like to email me about anything else, I can't promise to get back to you. My personal assistant is currently honeymooning in Elbonia and is thinking about a side trip to Pottsylvania to look up some long-lost relatives before returning home. Needless to say, I'm up to my elbows.

If you would like to publish me or facilitate same in some form or fashion, or, in the event you need to contact me about something (at least technically legal) that might result in helping to feed my sickly, malnourished bank account, please copy and paste --


-- on the subject line. Don't be a tease.

Have an OK day.

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