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I'm not a scruffy hermit living in the mountains of Ohio and seeking enlightenment and/or prepping for a secular or spiritual Armageddon of one sort or another.

I'm a member of a freakishly large household and a member in good standing (more or less) of two large extended families (mine and my late wife's.)

I'm not afraid to talk to people and I'm reasonably sociable and articulate when I do so.


I'm no social media maven, nor am I am ever likely to be, but I make no judgments, mostly (GRIN). I believe smartphone addiction is a real thing, and not a good thing. But far be it from me to sit in judgment on any given individual for any given thing that doesn't harm others. 

But far be it from me to refrain from making (relatively gentle, usually) fun of any given individual for any given thing that doesn't harm others. I expect the same in return. 

Notable exception: individuals who insist on speaking on cell phones, whenever and wherever they happen to be, completely oblivious to the fact they have to share the playground with the other H. sapiens.

But we shouldn't judge them, we should tase them.


I've got both a Facebook page and a G+ page that I use to announce whenever I have a new column available. I publish on Saturday night, 11:07 ET. 

Also, I regularly share shtuff from around the web that reflects where I'm coming from via Facebook; a thinly veiled way to call attention to this website. 


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