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Scott Adams is the rich and (relatively) famous cartoonist behind my favorite comic strip, Dilbert. Apparently he's a type A type because he also writes a blog, and, the occasional book. I've been reading his strip for years; I accidentally stumbled on his blog relatively recently. See, if you read his strip online you have to scroll up a good two inches or so and click on the word Blog to access it. Who knew?

I became instantly addicted, in spite of the fact Mr. Adams has the bizarre habit of sometimes posting more than once a week and is all over social media, for two reasons. First, he's a trained hypnotist and student of the art and science of persuasion. You can learn about how easy it is to manipulate people (well, not you and me of course) if you know what you're doing.

Second, he predicted the political rise of the Donald going back to when everyone, including me, thought it was all just a big publicity stunt. Look for any Trump-themed post. Clicking on #Trump will bring up past posts that have predicted the rise of, and offered explanations for, the Donald (aka a "Master Persuader") that date back to the very beginning of the circus.

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