Come On and Sarfari With Me

... Is a line from a Beach Boys song (Surfin' Safari) that was released in the Black & White Ages. If you ain't hip like me you may not know that a Surfin' Safari is about traveling to various and sundry beaches, hither and yon, for the purpose of surfing.

The ideal is one is which, "We're on safari to stay" (from Surfin' USA, Beach Boys again). I, a pasty-faced, landlocked white boy have never actually been on a surfin' safari. In fact, I have to confess I've never even been surfing surfin'.  However, I have seen all the surfin' movies of the early '60s, and I saw them in the early '60s, which must count for something (I'll never forget you, Annette).

Anyways... I am a world class web surfer and I am on safari to stay, so, I thought that a tab on my website where I post links to shtuff I've found/I find on my travels might be interesting. Going forward I'll only use Facebook to announce a new column and to pass on shtuff from the Wall Street Journal (the only possible way to share WSJ articles due a to a paywall and WSJ policy).

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° Like Jordan Peterson, I like to get to the bottom of things

° "...the moral order of the West is primarily a Christian order blended with the ancient wisdom of Greece, Rome, and Israel -- no matter if the modern man of the West refuses to admit it."

° Professor Peterson explains why you should Try To Be Some Kind of Hero

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